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PCI-E Avalon-ST64: how to get Bus and Device number of card?

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I have got fully working design based on Cyclone IV GX and PCI-E 1.0 x1 and using Avalon-ST 64-bit interface from my logic to IP core. All is fine (bus mastering transfers and interrupts), however I have to use BDF (Bus Device Function) as hardcoded constant. Of course, as the result, I'm getting card inoperable in different ports on different computers. I want to get BDF dynamically from PCI-E IP core. 


There are tl_cfg interface which may provide me needed bus and device numbers, however this code is not working, when I remove constant (initial bdf = 16'h0200) then through Signal Tap I see bdf as 0000. What I doing wrong? Is this correct that I divide core_clk_out when passing to pld_clk? Is there any easier way to get Bus and Device number? 

reg cfg_clock; wire cfg_addr; wire cfg_data; initial cfg_clock = 0; pcie_core pcie( // ... .pld_clk(cfg_clock), .tl_cfg_add(cfg_addr), .tl_cfg_ctl(cfg_data), // ... ); reg bdf; initial bdf = 16'h0200; always @(posedge core_clk_out) begin cfg_clock <= cfg_clock + 1; if(cfg_addr == 4'hF) bdf <= {cfg_data, 3'b0}
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