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Pairing GTH Transceivers with QSFP range extender


I am trying to connect the FPGA with a QSFP Range Extender from 10Gtek https://downloader.vip/rightmove/(CVT-OEO-Q/4S1C)

... basically the QSFP port from the FPGA goes into the range extender and the SFP ports from the extender can be collected at the destination. 


In this setup I am seeing very inconsistent results

  1. Sometimes I am not able to do transfer across a link after reprogramming the FPGA 
  2. Sometimes I am not able to do transfer across a link after system reboot. https://downloader.vip/quizlet/
  3. Sometimes a link which was not working for a while starts working.

Only thing I would infer from all this is that the GTH Transceiver is not configured properly for this device.

Please help with this issue


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New Contributor I

Have you tried using the Transceiver Toolkit to tune the analogue properties of the link? If it starts/stops working over time, I'd think you probably have a thermal problem and your links are tuned too close to the edge of the eye (so will start to have issues as thing heat up / cool down).


Hope that helps.