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Problem with university program IP cores

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I need to interface with off chip SRAM on the de2 board. The univeristy program ip cores provide an sram controller for this chip. However, when I install the cores from the University Program IP page on Altera's site they did not show up in the sopc builder components list. I proceed to add the cores manually by going to Tools -> Options -> IP search path. The cores showed up in SOPCB but when I add the controller and attempt to generate the system I got the following error.  



Error: sram: Generation callback did not provide a top level file (expected `add_file $output_dir/sram.v|vhd|sv {SIMULATION SYNTHESIS}`) 


as well as this warning... 


Warning: sram: get_generation_setting is deprecated, please use get_generation_property instead 


If anyone can tell me what these problems are and how to solve them I would greatly appreciate it.
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