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SignalTap II with DSP Builder Nodes Don't Appear

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In summary: I am using SignalTap II with DSP Builder (11.0) and many of the SignalTap II nodes in my design don't show up under the node list, even after compiling with SignalTap II enabled.  


Specifically: I am using SignalTap II with DSP Builder to analyze a (Filter/Data Synchronization) design which uses the Data Conversion HSMC. Everything was working fine when my design used only D2A_1 and A2D_1, but when I added the other ADC and DAC (D2A_2 and A2D_2) to my design, many of the SignalTap II nodes don't show up under my node list. I've tried saving the .mdl file to a new folder and recompiling, but this only made more of the nodes not appear under the node list. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  


Thank you, 

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To whom it may concern, 


I solved this problem by framing the signaltap II nodes with input and output blocks. (Self-five) 


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