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Simple question on Cyclone 4 GX usage

Honored Contributor II

I am trying to use the GX transceiver on the GX starter board. 

I've used the Mega wizard to generate a sgmii pcs/pma function.  


What I don't understand is how the GX pins connect to the sgmii module. 


I have gxp_clk , // 125Mhz differential clock pin M7 LVDS 

gxn_clk , // 125Mhz differential clock pin N7 LVDS  

rxp_data , // 1.4-V PCML pin E2 GXB_RX1  

rxn_data , // 1.4-V PCML pin E1 GXB_RX1  

txp_data , // 1.4-V PCML pin C2 GxB_TX1  

txn_data , // 1.4-V PCML pin C1 GxB_TX1 


The mega wizard generated module has 

.gxb_cal_blk_clk ( ), 

.ref_clk ( ), // MDI interface ?? 

.txp ( ), // MDI interface ?? 

.rxp ( ), // MDI interface ?? 


So how does the 6 GX pins connect to the 4 ports on the sgmii module ? 

Is there a specific instantiation of the GX ? How do I specify the GXB_1 

transceiver ? Just by virtue of pin assignment ? 


I've looked at the TSE design example & cannot find any example of the 

hookup. TIA.
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