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TSE PHY Loopback

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Hi everyone, 


We are using Arria V GX FPGA, and the IP Core TSE 1000Base-X/SGMII with PCS and PMA. I am trying to activate the PHY loopback but couldn’t get it to work as it’s my first time to work with Ethernet. 

The sequence is as follows: 


  1. Write to PCS Control register 0x00 : “0100000101100000”  


So I enable the Uniderectional option to be able to send data without a link partner 

Activate gigabit mode 

Activate loopback mode 



  1. If_Mode register 0x14 : "0000000000001001"  


SGMII_ENA set to 1, USE_SGMII_AN set to 0, SGMII_SPEED to gigabit mode 



  1. Then I reset the PCS by setting bit 15 of control register to 1  



Can I afterwards start to write data by setting the gmii_tx_clk_en to 1 and writing a byte to gmii_tx_d without having a valid link? Or I still need to do something because currently I don’t see any data on rx. I also read the PCS registers and confirmed that they were correctly written.  


Thanks in advance.
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