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Transceiver toolkit with PMA direct CMU transceiver in Stratix IV

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Hello all, 


I think this is a longshot but here goes. I'm using all 36 transceivers in a Stratix IV so I have 12 transceivers that must be configured as PMA direct using the CMU transceivers and an ATX pll for the transmit side. 


I've successfully run the Transceiver Toolkit for the 24 standard transceivers but I'd like to see if it's possible to test the PMA direct transceivers using the toolkit as well. The ability to check different settings for pre-emphasis and equalization would save me a great deal of time and provide much more accurate results versus compiling and checking in SignalTap. 


The transceiver toolkit example projects use the hidden Custom Phy in Qsys but it doesn't appear to support PMA direct. In addition, it was mentioned in another thread that the Custom Phy doesn't officially support Stratix IV and is only used for the transceiver toolkit. 


Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any suggestions? 



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