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VIP Suite Compatiblity between Cyclone III and IV GX (according to User Guide)

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Hi everyone ! 


I am here today because I need someone to help me understand something about device compatibility with the VIP Suite (IP Core). So, for my project, I need to use the VIP Suite (Video and Image Processing Suite) but I am still hesitating about which FPGA would be the most suitable in the Cyclone series... and here is why.  


In a sentence, my project is to work with a 3G-SDI signal. Basically, I want to store two consecutives frames from the signal (updated all the time) in the RAM Memory then compare these two frames to know if it is the same picture or not. 


So, I won't focus here on the Transceiver part (this is not the object here) but after that process, I thought I'll use the Frame Buffer IP Core from the VIP Suite to store frames in an external memory RAM. The thing is, in the VIP Suite User Guide, the page 1-3 says which Device Family supports the VIP Suite. And it says, for the Cyclone series : Cyclone IV ES / GX and Cyclone V. 


In the first place I thought buying the Cyclone IV GX Development Board since the FPGA has transceivers and all and could make my life easier. But then, I read the "Video and Image Processing Design Example" PDF file. And in its 2nd page it says : "The design example targets an Altera Cyclone III EP3C120....". 


So my question is : Which FPGA the VIP Suite is compatible with ? Why the user guide says it is compatible with Cyclone IV and V only (among others series but not Cyclone II or III) and an other PDF file shows designs examples with a Cyclone III (which shouldn't be compatible with according to the user guide) ? 


Even if, anyway, I'll make my project with a Cyclone IV GX based board, I just wanted to know, because I need to justify my choice.  

Would it be possible/cheaper to achieve what I am trying to do with a Cyclone III (even if this gen doesn't have transceivers, so I'll need to make my own SerDes (?) or use a SDI daugther card) ?  


Thanks for your answers !
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Cyclone III was last supported in Quartus v13.1 and you are reading documentation supplied for the current release. 


That said, the VIP suite works fine on both Cyclone III and Cyclone IV with the probable exception being any new IP blocks released after 13.1
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Aaaaah that's why... 


Ok thank you !