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VIP core - Frame Reader (On Screen Display)

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Hi all - how would I display a 'picture' , for example a bitmap, on the on-screen display. 

I'm working through a design example on the NEEK - the author has gone to some trouble to write some routines for a reasonably comprehensive OSD , including text/fonts on the OSD. 


Lurking in the code is a folder refering to The Gimp and bitmaps with what looks like some conversion routines. In the design example the OSD is simply a block of allocated memory storing pixel data - is it just a case of copying the (converted?) bitmap to this memory? 


I'm a little new to the VIP - any help would be appreciated, cheers, JB.
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The basic idea is like this 

1. put the bitmap data on off-chip-mem(if it very small, then you could use onchipmem) 

2. read the picture data by using frame reader 

3. send the data to mixer as a layer (cause you might want to change picture) 

4. send the data to clocked video output