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VIP mixer debugging

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I am have an alpha blending mixer using a solid color test pattern for layer 0 as output when my normal image/video sources are not available.  


I can run the system with both of the sensors attached and then turn both layers off to see just the background without any problems. My issue is when the sensors are not physically present and I need to still send a test pattern to my output. 


I have tried disabling the layers during initialization of the mixer by setting layer_active = 0 and 2 but still don't get any data out of the mixer.  


I have initialized all offsets and the TPG shows that it is running. The mixer is enabled and shows the expected modes.  


Upstream of these modules I have a series of CVI, FrameBuffer, and clipper but since there is no input these modules aren't being used in this case.  


Are there any additional minimum requirements for the mixer to just send an output with the TPG background? Would any of the upstream modules be trying to send control packets if they are enabled but not receiving any data? I have also tried not enabling these upstream modules but didn't notice any difference. 


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! 

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There is no additional requirement. Make sure all foreground layers are deactivated (with 0, NOT with 2) before you start the mixer and it should work. 

You could enable the slave interface of the CVIs blocks and keep them on the off position to ensure that nothing goes through the system.
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