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Hey folks, 


I'm trying to using the new (Quartus 13.0, Stratix V) altera_mult_add IP. I just want to include the library at the top and drop the LPM component in without using the MegaWizard. 


In the Megafunction User Guide, I would include 


library altera_lnsim; 

use altera_lnsim.altera_lnsim_components.all; 


I have compiled altera_lnsim library (altera_lnsim_components is contained in both directories, \eda\sim_lib and \quartus\libraries\vhdl), I'm not sure what the difference is. 


When I load the simulation I get "component instance 'altera_mult_add' is not bound" 


When I look in the MegaWizard generated file it is not pointing to the altera_lnsim library. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. 


Also, probably more of a question for Altera, but why did they have to create a separate function for Stratix V, I need to compile for Stratix IV device also and I have to use a different IP core? I realize their may be architectural differences, but it's just really annoying having to make a major edit to my IP every time I change device.
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