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configure the triple speed ethernet register with verilog

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Hello! I am using TSE(triple speed ethernet) ip core to implement communication bewteen my pc and the FPGA board(cyclone IV). But I don't know how to configure the TSE register with verilog. I do read some information from the user guide. For example, here are from the user guide: 





Base registers to configure the MAC function. At the minimum, you must 

configure the following functions: 

• Primary MAC address (mac_0/mac_1) 

• Enable transmit and receive paths (TX_ENA and RX_ENA bits in the 

command_config register) 





But I don't know how to realize this configuration in my quartus II project with verilog. 

Anything can be help! 

Best wishes!
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Register & Go through the “Implementing the Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore Function” training material for the detail stepwise solution, 



Also, refer the design example & Intel FPGA Triple-Speed Ethernet IP Core User Guide & try at your end. 






Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance. 


Best Regards 

Vikas Jathar  

Intel Customer Support – Engineering 

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