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how to setup the registor of the triple speed ethernet megacore function ?

what is the meaning of mdio_addr0 and mdio_addr1,I think that we just use one registor (mdio_addr0) ,and we can implement the function to address 32 PHYes that have been linked to one bus,why there is another registor (mdio_addr1) i am puzzeled by the function of the registor(mdio_addr1),can anybody tell me??? 


PHY device 1 point to what ? point to the PHY which the red arrow point to in the figure or not ?
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Up to 32 phy device can be addressed because the mdio protocol address field is 5bit wide.  

At low level, mdio protocol specifies the PHY address (Addr1) and PHY register address (Addr2) on every transaction. 

The TSE mdio interface relieves you from bothering with the protocol maps for your convenience the register space of (up to) 2 PHYs into mac memory space, in the address range 0x200 to 0x2FC. 

This way you don't need to manually set the phy address for each transaction. Whevener you R/W mac registers 0x200 to 0x27C, the mdio interface automatically generates the transaction to access the correct register of the PHY whose address is mdio_addr0. When you R/W mac registers 0x280 to 0x2FC the PHY with address mdio_addr1 is accessed. 

If you have more than 2 PHYs, you'd have to change mdio_addr0 or mdio_add1 according to the address of the PHY you need to access.