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issue with avalon streaming witdth convertion

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hi, everyone! 

I am new to FPGA and NIOS 

I was trying to capture frame from the vip test pattern generator and write to sdram using SGDMA. But the data came from the test pattern generator was 24bit(R G B) and SGDMA only support 8bit 16 bit 32bit and 64bit. So I tried to convert the RGB data to RGB0 by simply put extra 8bit 00000000.  

I wrote something like those in verilog and created my component: 


assign data_out = {data_in,8b'0}; 

assign ready_out=ready_in; 

assign valid_out=valid_in; 

assign sop_out=sop_in; 

assign eop_out=eop_in; 


It seemed that I lost 8 bits data(which I am not sure. It coult R or B, since the data I read from the sdram was like 0x xxxx0000) 

I was wondering how could it happened and what I suppose to do.Like how can write the verilog or what can I do to convert the avalon streaming width from 24bit to 32bit. I am just newbie, it will be very nice that some of you can give some advice. 

I wish all of you have a nice day ! :)
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That RTL looks fine to me, I would check the logic that is driving data_in to make sure the issue isn't occuring before data arrives to your block. Look for warning messages in the compilation console at the bottom of Quartus for things like unconnected nets, stuck bits, etc...

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