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storing ADC data to SDRAM

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First of all, I am really sorry about my poor english and grammer that irritates you. 


I'm going to make my own system which's gathering 14-bit analog signal through ADC and Storing them to SDRAM, or SRAM, etc... 

So, I made custom IP to gather ADC data from HSMC connection through Couduit_end port and avalon_slave to nios_ii system. 

I stored instruction data to on-chip memory and empty SDRAM. 


avalon_slave has 6 ports that outs 32 bit as a readdata, and as input port 2-bits of address, 4-bits of byteenable, and write, 32-bit writedata, and read signal. 


my system environment is like this. 


DCC-terasic data_conversion_card with hsmc connection 


Should I change plan to make Avalon-ST system or using DMA to accomplish my goal? 

Or, Do I have to study eclipse to control memory? 


I'll attatch my V-file, so please help me to get through this stuffed problem. 


Again, really sorry about my poor english.
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