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the Parameters of CVO with BT.656 format

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Here is a problem about CVO.I'm trying to connect CVO with SAA7121 encoder(BT.656 PAL).But it does't work Normally,looks like Synchronization problems. 

The list following gives parameters what I use.The CLK of CVO is 27Mhz from SAA7113 's LLC PIN.Quartus 10.0  

Please checking and give me a hand. Thanks a lot!  


Image Data Format 

image width 720 pixels 

image height 576 pixels 

bits per pixel per color plane 8 bit 

number od color planes 3 

color plane transission format s sequence| 

interlaced video yes 


Syncs Configuration 

syncs signals embedded in video 

active picture line 23 

ancillary packet insertion line 8 (not sure,what's mean?) 

Embedded Syncs Only -Field 1 

horizontal blanking 144 pixel 

vertical blanking 24 lines (not sure) 


Interlaced and Field 0 Paramenters 

F rising edge line 313 

F falling edge line 1 

vertical blanking rising line 311 

ancillary packet insertion line 321 

Embedded Syncs Only -Field 0 

vertical blanking 25 lines 


Gerneral Paramenters 

pixel fifo size 720 pixels 

fifo level at which to startoutput 719 pixels
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Just use the default PAL,change "Bits per pixel per color plane" to 8.Beause 4:2:2 format has 2 planes,type 3 is incorrect.