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why my project generates a time limited sof file for a licensed megafunction ?

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Info: SRAM Object File <my-project-name>.sof contains time-limited megafunction that supports OpenCore Plus feature -- Vendor: 0x6AF7, Product: 0x0012 


I checked "Licensed AMPP/MegaCore functions"windows,the Vendor: (6AF7) Product (FIR Compiler(0012)) obviously exists. 


what's the problem? 


Quartus II Version 9.1 Build 222 10/21/2009 SJ Full Version
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anyone knows?

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I also encounted the same problem? I have bought ArriaII GX Develop kit, and I got the licensed IP core: Nios II processer(0x6AF7, 00A2), which can be seen on the License setup window. But if I compiler the project with Nios II fast version processor, the "warning" information says that "the OpenCore Plus feature is used on NiosII ...", therefore finially the "xx_time_limited.sof" is generated.  


Why did this happen? Is the fast version of NiosII IP is unlicensed? Must I have to bought the add-on license? Because I have bought the Development Kit, on which the demo projects are all using the NiosII processor. So I guess this Kit should be gived with a one-year license for QuartusII as well as NiosII IP core. 


Any one could help me ? Thank you!