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Communication with DE0-board


Some background to the project: I've implemented a Nios II processor on the Cyclone III FPGA with a DE0-board from terasIC. In SOPC-builder the JTAG_UART module was also added. Anyways my goal is to send parameters to the Nios II processor from a PC. Easiest would be to have a GUI made in C# (.NET).  


How do I communicate with the FPGA (Nios II)? Can I use the USB-blaster? If I can, how do I get a library in Visual Studio so that I can implement it in the GUI? 


The RS232 pin/holes-out from the DE0-board, Can I connect them to a FTDI USB-> RS232 module and get access directly from the JTAG_UART Memory mapped module? 


Speed will not be a problem in this project as there is only 20 bytes roughly to be sent and time is not an issue. 


As you can see, I'm interested in how I can communicate with the Nios II with the DE0-board in any form with a GUI made in Visual Studio and I'm a complete newbie in this field so any type of help is very welcome. 



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