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Connect Cyclone V SX SoC Development Board to PC using PICe

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Hello all. 

Is it possible to connect Cyclone V SX SoC Development Board to PC using PCIe? The board have female PCIe connector, and Reference Manual tell about it: 


--- Quote Start ---  

To use the PCI Express interface with the Cyclone V SoC device in end-point mode, 

for example, with a cable plugged into a PC, you must remove resistors R253, R254, 

R249, and R251, and install R250 and R252. This resistor change will route the clock 

from the PC directly into the Cyclone V SoC device. You can use a PCI Express gen1x4 

cable from Samtec (HDR-172378-02-PCIEC) for this connection. 

--- Quote End ---  


But I can't find that cable anywhere. Does such cables really exists?
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