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Cyclone V SoC dev kit - Ethernet and USB host port not working

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Cyclone V SoC dev kit, rev C board. 


Straight out of the box, I tried connecting to our dev ethernet network which has a DHCP server, but the board does not get an IP. Using Wireshark we saw no packets coming from the device at all but on the switch, we see a good link status at 1Gbps, duplex. Why doesn't it request an IP? 


Next I tried getting the USB to work on a Windows 7 32 bit machine. After the board is all powered up and it says "No IP obtained, Hello Tim", I connect the USB cable to the host and Windows says the device is unknown. I went through the Altera documentation which says to go to the Device Manager, update software, blah blah blah, but still no luck. I still see USB device unknown. Windows detects something is there but I can't get the driver (supplied by Quartus install) to work. I also tried installing the driver directly from FTDI but it also made no difference, even though the FTDI driver install went smoothly. 


Next I tried getting USB working on a CentOS 6.4 Linux machine. Still no luck. Supposedly, the proper USB drivers are built into the kernel as of 6.3 so I shouldn't have to worry about the drivers. Anyways, in /var/log/messages, I see the usb driver detecting something but it eventually says "device descriptor read/64, error -110" in the messages file. And no USB device shows up in /dev. 


Anyone have any ideas? It seems like the board isn't booting all the way up. Do I need to change some jumpers from the factory setup? All documentation I've seen says to use factory settings. 


Here are the main ones I have: 

CLKSEL0 - right 

CLKSEL1 - right 

BOOTSEL0 - left 

BOOTSEL1 - right 

BOOTSEL2 - left
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Well, the good news is I got it all to work - both the usb and ethernet. The bad news is that now I feel like an idiot. Make sure you plug into the proper usb port. There are 3 ports, not just one. 


The only thing that doesn't quite work right is DHCP. It doesn't get it's IP at boot up. I have log in and run "ifup eth0", which causes the interface to come up and get an IP and DNS, etc.
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Hi , what is "Wireshark" is it software tool or hardware debugger ?

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Wireshark is the successor to Ethereal, which is a network traffic analyzer. You can run it on your host computer and Wireshark will display all ethernet packets that make it to the computer's NIC. Very useful tool for debug.