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DE10-LITE and RAM: 1-PORT IP - WREN inverted on actual hardware?


I'm starting out with FPGA's on a DE10-LITE and while trying out a RAM: 1-PORT IP on a simple project to put the memory output from a 10 port RAM onto the LEDs, with the 10 switches as input to the RAM IP, I noticed what worked fine in the simulator RTL and Gate level worked very differently on the real hardware, specifically I found I had to hold down the button tied to WREN to prevent writing and keep data in memory addresses, and release to write. However, in the simulations if I try to repeat this behavior, it doesn't work at all.


Any ideas what could be going on here? Advice on how I could debug and rectify this problem? Or should I abandon the RAM IP's and try to use the RAM Templates instead?


Thanks for any help in advance!

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Hi Luke,


If you are using the switch to control the wren, You may see such an issue because onboard switch may have an active low or active high configuration.

Introduce a "not gate" in the input session of your code(switch/‘wren’).




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