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DECA Kit Lab 8 MIPI Camera Working?

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I am working with the Max 10 DECA Kit, and am working on Lab 8 from the Wiki.  

When I compile the completed project, start the code on the fpga, and use the System console to start the tcl script, I get an screen that is totally aquamarine green. I can see no influence from the camera. 


I've tried resizing the TPG image and turning off the TPG image with master_write_32 $nm $frm1 0, but there is absolutely no reaction on the monitor. 


Do you have any advice to how I can confirm the Image Sensor is working? 

Confirm the tcl commands are working? 


Any other advice? 


Thank you
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Are the LED's ON or OFF? I suspect the Nios II software may not be running. The software configures the MIPI sensor to the proper resolution. Upon completion, the LED's are 7:4 = Lit, and 3:0 are off 


you can email deca@arrow.com for additional DECA questions.