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Deca Kit Mipi Camera Orientation?

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I am working on the Deca Kit Lab 8 from the wiki, and I would like to confirm the MIPI camera orientation. Neither the Deca Kit user guide nor the Lab 8 guide address this issue, nor can I find any picture with the camera actually plugged into the Deca Kit. 


On the DECA board by the MIPI interface, there is an bold arrow, presumably indicating pin 1. 


On the camera ffc when viewing the connector, there is a label 1, again presumably indicating pin 1. 


Assuming these must be pressed together, the camera would then orientate with the ffc and camera hanging off the edge of the board, camera facing the ground. 

Is this correct? 



If so, I have another issue.  

When I compile and load Lab 8 from the wiki onto the board, the camera gets really hot, which feels unsafe.  

This is why I wanted to check the orientation. 

Is this normal? 


Thank you for any advice.
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for DECA questions, please email deca@arrow.com 


The short answer is your camera orientation is correct. I have a picture I will send you. Yes, we expect the camera to be hot when operating but not too hot to touch. You may have a bad camera on hand if you are not getting an output on your HDMI monitor.
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