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New Development Boards by Startup

Hi All, 


My company is releasing two Cyclone IV E Dev boards, and a module system. I wanted to put links he for your information. *Disclaimer* Yes, I'm flogging a product, but I'm hoping to get feedback and I feel they are good enough that you should know about them. *End Disclaimer*. We're taking pre-orders on Crowd Funding Site IndieGoGo here: Please have a look.  


1) The helix_4 module 

- EP4CE22 or EP4CE10, 'L' 1.0V Core versions available 

- 512kbit 10ns SRAM 

- 512mbits 16wide DDR2 

- EPCS16 

- 50MHz osc 

- Atmel ATSHA204 crypto IC 

- All power supplies 

- All variants <$60 

- The idea is you build a cheap, quick 2 layer board with application circuits, and drop one of these puppies in, instead of copying yet another reference design.  


2) The 'Goldilocks' Board, 1x helix_4 module + 3x Arduino Uno Shields Sockets 

- There are 300 Uno Shields out there (

- Just drop any shield you want to give it the personality you need for your project 

- heaps of support on our support wiki here: 

- This pic has 10W hdrs for programming, but next gen will have embedded programming circuits. 

- $175.  


3) The 'Breadstick' - A dev board for a breadboard 

- EP4CE10 sized module, no DDR2 

- 33x 3.3V IO, 10x 5V IO with ADC/DAC capability 

- one socket for a Uno Shield  


Damn my hand is sexy... 


What do you think? Hot or not. If you like it, please support our campaign - please hit the like button, it gets us toward the front page of IGG. Thanks, Brent.
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