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Setting up RS232 protocol on DE0 board?

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Hi! Total newbie here, I was wondering if anyone can help me out with setting up my TAB board to transmit messages, on a loop, from my TAB board from its Rx and Tx terminal. 


My whole idea is like this:  


1) DE0 sends looping messages via RS232 pins (Rx / Tx) 

2) Goes to a IC chip converter to convert the signals to the appropriate voltage (5v to 3.3V I believe)  

3) Goes from IC chip back to the PC via the USB/RS232 port and is displayed on the PC via Tera Term or HyperTerminal 


Issues im facing: Getting the codes/protocols or blueprints to set up the looping messages on RS232. 


Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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I don't understand what do you mean by "DE0 send looping messages". If it's just a loop then you can simply connect Rx to Tx, if you mean DE0 gets a message from a PC terminal, then it sends the same message back out to the PC terminal, then you need an UART in your system, check out http://opencores.org/ for free implementations. After that you need some converted logic, you can get breakout boards for RS232 interfaces, there are plenty of boards which can convert TTL signals (from FPGA) to RS232. Note that most modern PCs do not come equipped with a RS232 port, so you will need an RS232 to USB converted at the PC end. Both RS232 interfaces will have to be connected through a cross over cable so Rx from FPGA goes to TX of the PC etc.


hi I'm the newbie now, starting with FPGA DE0, I want to receive back from FPGA the byte I transmit using RS-232.

What do I have to do?



hi, and how do I implement something to get back the same bite I send to the FPGA?