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about downloading program to board

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i have purchased Altera fpga cyclone v board. during programming in quartus-2 web edition (version 15.0) while creating project i am not getting the exact device number which i have. even when i try to download the program into the board i am not getting the exact device number which i have, because of this downloading the program is not possible. can you please suggest me a solution for this problem. i had got the link to download tool in my manual but that link is not working so i downloaded the software from altera website.

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If you have a DE0-CV just like mine you can start with the examples that come with the board. 

There are even ones that do not require quartus, with these you can check your hardware. 

Once this succeeds you can start with a small program in verilog in Quartus (do not begin with Qsys, too difficult) 

From there you can move on further. 

From my experience: some of the universtity documentation from altera seems a little bit outdated, the examples that came with my board were a big help, most certainly to get the SDRAM more or less operational. 

Good Luck,