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cyclone3 development board

Hi I aquired an "old" ALTERA cyclone3 development board with an EP3C120F780C7 FPGA. When using the "User 7-segment display", device U30 and measuring the signals at SEVEN_SEG_SEL1 (Pin1 of the display) SEVEN-SEG_SEL4 (Pin 6 of the display), I only see 1.95 Volt in the active state, instead of 2.5 Volt. So, the display looks very dark, as compared to the PWR_DIG_SEL1 and PWR_DIG_SEL4 of the Power display, which show a voltage of 2.38..2.4 Volt. So, the power display is sufficiently bright, but the user display is not. The assigned pins for the selections: sel1 from Pin_B3 sel2 from Pin_C5 sel3 from Pin_E4 sel4 from Pin_C3 These pins are set at 2.5 Volt. Why is the on-State so low (1.95V versus 2.38V for the power display)? Thanks for advice
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That is old device and we no longer support them. I will leave this forum open and let the community help you in this inquiries. 


Thank you.