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A770 freeze with any driver

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Hey my Friends im having a verry sever issue with my a770 le right now.

Yesterday everything worked fine and today when i started the Computer i didnt get a Signal.
Than i restarded and got a picture but the Computer froze on the windows Login screen. After some trial and error i was able to get into windows but than it froze again. I got into safe start and deinstalled the drivers. The Problem doesnt occur in safe mode.
Than after deinstalling i could use my PC fine but only without the drivers. The moment i installed the drivers it froze again. Tried different drivers (newest and 2 weeks old) but i got the same issue.
I thought okay my os might be damaged so i reinstalled Windows but now i cant even finish the Installation because it f***ing freezes while selecting the Windows Options because it installs the newest drivers for it. I even reseeted the GPU but nothing works and to be honest im mildly infuriated because the card is only 2-3 months old.

Any ideas?

Im using a Gigabyte b460m aorus
I5 10600k
And the Intel a770 le.
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TL;DR : If anyone else runs into this issue try reset your bios to default and activate rebar again.


After about 3-4 hours of Troubleshooting i got my system stable again.

I loaded a default bios setup without any customizing and reactivated rebar.

I don´t really know what happened to my bios because i didn´t touch it. 

The only "explanation" i have is that it could have something to do with me popping the switch on my power strip every night after i turn off my computer. 


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