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Assassins Creed Valhalla horrible stuttering on I7-1195g7?


Device: GPD Win 3.

Processor TDP:  28.

CPU Mode: Max non-turbo performance set in BIOS(1.8ghz)

Package temperature during gaming: 55-65c.

RAM: 16gb clocked at 4266MT.



ISSUE: I am able to play the game as it starts out fine at a locked 30fps. 

3-4 minutes into gameplay there is horrible hitching and stuttering making it totally unplayable.

The stuttering occurs in areas that were running without issues before.

According to MSI afterburner GPU usage falls during the stuttering(below 60%. )

This is not a framerate issue, it is frame time inconsistency. 

I have ruled out thermal throttling, the SOC temperature is below 70C at all times. 

No other game I play exhibits this type of behaviour,it is only seen in AC Valhalla. 

The stuttering only begins after a couple of minutes into gameplay, It is not tied to the CPU or GPU load. 

I have tried the following fixes:

The page file settings have been experimented with from 16gb to 32gb on C drive. 

I have reset all BIOS settings to default and tried. 

Game has been re installed twice. 

Ubisoft overlay has been disabled. 

MSI afterburner has been disabled.

DirectX shader cache has been deleted. 

Other games have been tested for similar behaviour, it is only specific to AC valhalla. 

The in game settings have been set to the lowest possible. 


After all this I can only think this to be a driver issue with the Intel driver. 




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Hello Alcatraz,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.   


In order to better assist you, please provide the following:  

1. Is this issue recent?

2. Was the game working properly before?

3. Can you share a picture from the MSI afterburner where we can see the stuttering fail?

4. Have you checked with the GPD team for instructions/recommendations?

Also, bear in mind that this unit is a highly customized unit and our drivers may not work properly with this device. I recommend using their drivers first.


Best regards, 

Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician 


Thanks for a follow up,

Yes I have been in touch with them and they have cleared any driver related problems from their side.

The GPD support team says as long as I use the BIOS they have provided I shouldn't be running into any Intel driver related issues since they haven't changed anything.

One other thing I would like to point out is:

Out of all games I own, only AC Valhalla has this behaviour. 

Everything else runs fine at 720p! Including red dead redemption 2 and cyberpunk 2077.

I will share a screenshot with you shortly, I have uninstalled the game from my drive for now.

It performs as seen this video though:






It seems crysis remastered has a driver related stuttering issue as well, I was surprised to have that game stuttering when my Nintendo switch can run it at 30 fps. 

Please consider a fix in your upcoming driver updates?

Watch in the video how the GPU is constantly under utilized.


The same games run without any issues(both AC valhalla and crysis remastered) on the aya neo and that uses a less powerful ryzen 5 4500u APU.

I think a good driver should fix issues with both these games, it may not be specific to GPD at all but all the devices using a 1135/1165/1185/1195 SOC. 


Hello Alcatraz, 

I do appreciate the information provided. In order to help you, please try the following:

1. Use the latest driver from the GPD WIN website. You may need to contact them for install instructions:

2. Perform a clean install of the Intel drivers:

Please let me know if the issue persists.


Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician  


Thanks for the instructions,

I couldnt figure out how to install the driver package(.bat file giving multiple errors),So I downloaded the entire Win 11 flashing package including the lastest drivers on their website and performed a clean install of windows 11 with their drivers. 

Unfortunately this didnt seem to resolve the issue and in fact performance was expectedly worse on an older driver from Intel(1069).

The GPD team recommended to set the page file to 40gb ish to solve the issue as they suspect the game is not coded to manage memory properly on Intel GPUs(shared GPU memory). This did help for a bit but the stuttering always returns after 15 minutes or so.

I also noticed that the stuttering always happens when I move the camera i.e when assets begin streaming into the frame.

The stuttering seems to resolve when I stop spinning the camera and doesnt seem to be related to a high CPU/GPU usage.

Setting textures to low doesnt help as the game always seems to saturate the entire 16gb ram buffer on the system regardless.

It is probably the game/driver not allocating memory resources properly for intel GPUs without dedicated video memory !





Hello Alcatraz, 


Thank you for the information provided 


I will proceed to check the issue internally and post back soon with more details. 

Best regards, 

Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician 




Here is a list of issues I could find:


1) AC Valhalla memory management problem on low settings.

2) Crysis Remastered games horrible stuttering in all 3 games(no bottlenecking, probably intel GPU doesnt like volumetric clouds in this game).

3) The latest update to Horizon Zero Dawn causes heavy CPU bottlenecking while in-game.

An update to the game changes the shader compliation behaviour from pre caching to realtime. This causes all 8 threads to sometimes be used at 100% during gameplay and causes bad frame time inconsistencies. The game allegedly used to run better before the update according to the GPD community !

There are also numerous graphical glitches while in-game since the update.


Hello Alcatraz, 



In this case, since this is a highly customized device, it is recommended to check this with the manufacturer (GPD). 


However, based on the released notes for the latest graphics with that game there is a known issue we are currently working on which shows some anomalies with the game but we recommend keeping an eye on the latest graphics available.


Just as a test, you can try with an external monitor to confirm if the issue is still present, but if you have all systems up to date I recommend you to check with the GPD Team for further instructions.


Best regards, 

Deivid A.  

Intel Customer Support Technician 



Alright, thanks.

Unfortunately can't test out on an external monitor since I didn't purchase a Dock but just for the record, fullscreen optimizations have been disabled on the internal display.

Since this behaviour is not universal but only specific to a handful of games, namely:

AC Valhalla

FarCry 6


Crysis Remastered Trilogy

God Of War (Drivers for AMD Ryzen 7 4800u, Ryzen 7 4500u etc found on Aya Neo devices include day 1 support for God Of War. The 1195g7 on the win 3 is more powerful than those APUs at 20-25w TDP)

The game is basically unplayable on the win 3 due to lack of driver support while it runs as expected on R7 4800u.

From all the games I have tried so far, it is likely a driver related issue, Since some games work and some don't, regardless of system specification: For example, it doesn't make sense for AC Valhalla to stutter when Cyberpunk 2077 and Metro Exodus work flawlessly despite having the same system requirements. 


In this case, I understand there's not much to be done except wait for drivers to be updated. 


Further, all the aforementioned games have not been mentioned in the following link:


Therefore I could only logically assume that the dev team is aware of these issues and hopefully are working on a fix. 


Please take this as feedback to improve the software experience further!


I understand that the mobile Tiger Lake CPUs are not built for gaming but for productivity.

However, the Win 3 is an awesome gaming PC and is possibly the only form factor which is best suited to the power and feature set of GPUs like the Intel Xe. Optimizing the gaming experience is a win-win situation for all 🙂