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Does the Graphics Driver include "intel graphics control panel"?



I have a question about the intel graphics control panel program.



↑ I want the "intel HD Graphics control panel" program in the image. ↑ 


If I install the intel graphics driver "",

I want to know if the "intel Graphics Control Panel" program is installed together.

If it doesn't install, where can I download the "Intel Graphics Control Panel" program used for Windows 7_32bit?



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Hello khj2560,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

The Intel® Graphics Control Panel has now been replaced by the Intel® Graphics Command Center for systems with 6th Generation Intel® processors or newer. Please check this article for further information:

We do not have that legacy driver available on our Download Center, therefore we cannot check if the Intel® Graphics Control Panel is available there. Could you please confirm the model of your Intel processor or integrated graphics?

Best regards,

Steven G.

Intel Customer Support Technician.

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Hello Steven G.

Thank you for your answer.


I'm sorry, I didn't tell you the computer specifications.

1. OS : Windows 7_32bit
2. CPU : Xeon E3-1268L v3
3. GPU : HD Graphics P4600

Unfortunately, it's not the 6th generation intel process.


Currently installed as Graphics driver version, but intel HD Graphics control panel is not installed.

So, I will request a driver from the manufacturer (Simens) and receive it.
Please refer to the image below for version.




I need to install the intel HD graphics control panel.

Therefore, if you install the "" version,

I would like to ask if the intel HD graphics control panel will be installed together.


If the 'intel HD Graphics Control Panel' program is not installed even if you install the Driver,

please let me know how to install the program.

If possible, I would like to download the 'intel HD graphics control panel' program install file.


Thank you.

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Thank you for your response.  


Due to this product being discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it.


You may also find the Discontinued Products website ( helpful to address your request.  


You can get the specifications and verify this product's discontinuance status at the Intel® Product Specifications website > Product Status > "Discontinued".   


We do not keep the Intel® Graphics Control Panel file for installation, since it is included only in legacy drivers. You may try to install one of those legacy drivers and check if it gets installed.


Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.  


Best regards,


Steven G.

Intel Customer Support Technician.


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