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Driver Update problem


Today, I received notification that there was a Graphics Driver update available for 6th-10th Gen Intel processors. My Graphics program is Intel HD 530. Opening the Intel Driver Support Assistant, I downloaded the available update, but during 'Install' process, got message that there was a problem, that no driver could be found to install, coded as 'Error 8'. Reading through the Error log, found the following subsection of report,

"2023/04/06 08:58:00.763|ERROR|Could not find driver file. ||
2023/04/06 08:58:00.792|INFO|FW update service prerequisites check... ||
2023/04/06 08:58:00.792|WARN|No supported devices by the driver. Skipping FW update service prerequisites check. ||
2023/04/06 08:58:24.686|INFO|Closing the user interface window. ||
2023/04/06 08:58:24.708|INFO|Exiting application with exit code 8... ||
2023/04/06 08:58:24.708|INFO|Cleaning registry keys... ||
2023/04/06 08:58:24.708|INFO|Cleaning temporary folders... ||
2023/04/06 08:58:24.721|INFO|Logging completed on 2023/04/06 08:58:24.720
2023/04/06 08:59:12.916|INFO|Logging started on 2023/04/06 08:59:12.902 ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.022|INFO|Installer version: 1.0.764.2 ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.346|INFO|Installer startup type: Undefined ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.346|INFO|Installer executable path: "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\43ADC9DB8939A89770E98A89EB31E06ADE27BAE1\installer.exe" ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.346|INFO|Installer root directory: "C:\Users\aasmu\AppData\Local\Temp\.net\installer\CPGJXzon6Im1Dt5ikl3yieMH+yneqLY=\" ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.346|INFO|Command line arguments: NULL ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.346|INFO|Language of the user interface: [en-US] ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.346|INFO|Operating system specification: Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.19045.0 ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.408|INFO|CPU base clock: 2712Mhz ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.408|INFO|Test Signing: OFF ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.408|INFO|Windows Media Player status: Installed ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.408|INFO|Non-Interactive mode flag: False ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.408|INFO|Setting admin access rights - Directory: C:\Users\aasmu\AppData\Local\Temp\.net\installer\CPGJXzon6Im1Dt5ikl3yieMH+yneqLY=\. ||

2023/04/06 08:59:13.508|INFO|Setting admin access rights - DONE ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.563|INFO|
List of Intel "Display devices" in Device Manager: {
Device detected: Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
Device Instance Path: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1912&SUBSYS_06F71028&REV_06\3&11583659&0&10
Device manufacturer: Intel Corporation
}} ||
2023/04/06 08:59:13.563|INFO| "

This is just a portion of the full report. Now each time I open the 'Support Assistant' a new install process begins after the initial scan (Download evidently still available), with the same error message encountered, and no installation completed. What can I do, to resolve this issue? Thanks, Andy A

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Wanted to say thank you for taking the time to directing me to an answer for my  problems with an update that was not supported for my 6th Generation Intel Core Processor. And while I was not thrilled to learn of the ending of the updates for Skylake processor, it is what it is, and was the issue I had encountered. Deleting the Intel Driver Update Tool resolved the continuing reattempts to complete the installation of the update that was not applicable to my processor. Thanks again, Andy A

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