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Help to unlock Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 OEM block (HP laptop)




I tried to install "gfx_win_101.3790_101.2114" so I could update my graphics card to run OPENGL 4.6 and VULKAN 1.2, but the OEM block from HP won't even let this very installation, supposedly created to fix this exactly issue.


Already tried installation and update through device manager, countless tutorials and foruns, and so far nothing. HP will not provide any support due to warrant expiration (my laptop is 5 years old)!

Laptop specs: Windows 10 Pro 64 bits v. 19045.2364, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 16 GB RAM, Intel(R) HD Graphics 620.

Since it's an Intel product, you are my last hope! Please help me!


Thanks in advance.



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This 'block' is in place to prevent you from replacing the driver as this driver has customizations developed by HP. If you remove/replace this customized version with an Intel generic version, you will lose these customizations. This may cause features (things like hotkeys) to stop working and/or make the laptop unstable.

If you understand the above risk and want to continue, you need to follow this process (skip no steps):

  1. Disconnect laptop from Internet. Unplug Ethernet cable and/or disable wireless. Note that wireless disable must be able to survive reboots; it must not auto-reconnect.
  2. From Device Manager, delete the existing GFX driver, specifying to delete all associated software.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Check if GFX is running on Microsoft basic driver. If not, go to Step 2. 
  5. Install the new Intel generic driver.
  6. Reboot.
  7. Reconnect Internet.
  8. Test.

Hope this helps,



Thank you very much for taking the time to help me, Scott!

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