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I am desiring to convert a "VIsta" Leveno laptop (32 bit) to a win 10 32 bit for use in programs to operate a 3 d carver. In checking the display devices I see the display driver is a "mobile Intel(R) 4 series Chip set family" version 7.15.10 1502.


Is this comparable to win 10 32 bit ? I ask as the Laptop has the elements for win 10 for processor and memory. Data states a DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver must be present in the older laptop. I would like to be able to convert , but I don't see a response as to being related to the driver present as to compatability. If not I will purchase a refib desktop for the purpose>

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This is an effort you should abandon. Windows 10 is not supported on your laptop, but may run. More importantly is your graphics is not support. The mobile 4 chipset is not supported. You will have only the Microsoft generic driver, which lacks performance and features.


Best to get a new or newer laptop that is supported on Windows 10. If possible, get one with Windows 10 64-bit, and a 6th gen processor, and I recommend 8GB memory. For best performance, if the storage is SSD or NVME, that would be great.