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I have a problem


Sorry for my English because I am using google translator, I have an i5 10400, I have an error in which it always tells me that I have to update the graphics driver of my processor, the issue is that it always gives me the same update, in the update history showed me exactly the same update that weighed exactly the same, I would really appreciate it if someone would help me solve this problem that is a bit annoying

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Intel Driver and Support Assistant (IDSA) offers a capability to hide an update if you know that it is already installed and hasn't been replaced. You should check (via Device Manager app) to see if you are seeing an installation loop. This is where IDSA installs an updated version but, later, Windows Update installs an older version over top of it. If this is what you are seeing, you can use the Microsoft Windows Update Show-Hide (troubleshooter) tool to stop Windows Update from installing this older version. Microsoft isn't hosting this tool for download any longer, but you can get it - and see video showing how to use it - here:

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