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I have an Intel(R) Q45/Q43 Express Chipset, and can't find where or how to update my drivers(Most importantly, i need the OpenGL drivers.). What do i do?


So i basically had my old pc, full of malware and on an old pirated version of windows 7(which mind you, had OpenGL running just fine), and i thought it was time for an upgrade, so i formatted the drive and installed windows 10 on that drive, and saw that it couldn't run any of my OpenGL requiring apps and i checked, as well as going to the default microsoft something that runs with OpenGL 1.1 and i confirmed my fears. I needed to download the drivers. I went to the website of intel, and couldn't find any supported drivers. FYI i can't upgrade my pc, so don't give me any advice on that please.

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Sorry, but there is no driver update from Intel for the Q45/Q43 graphics. You have only the Microsoft generic driver, which lacks features and performance.

Your processor and graphics are not supported on windows 10.



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