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Intel 620 Multiple Monitors


I'm struggling to configure three monitors on my HP laptop running an Intel 620 Graphics system. 



I've got the built in monitor (which identifies as being on Embedded Display Port), an HP E243 whcih is connected via Display Port, and a Compaq CQ1859, which is connected vis the VGA port. All three can be seen in the Intel Control Panel, but I'

m unable to make all three work together - The HP and the Compaq seem to be either/or. 

If I've read the spec correctly then the chipset should support it, but I can't seem to make it work?



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You need to talk to HP to find out how they are supporting this VGA port and whether it supports independent operation (i.e. is on a separate display channel from those used for the built-in monitor and DisplayPort connector). In many cases, the connect these two ports to the same channel and thus it truly is stuck as an either/or choice.