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Intel CPU is HOT and package power stays at 8 watts after waking up from sleep with ''max performance'' set for the iGPU when on ''AC power''.


I have a major problem with my thinkpad L390 with i5-8265U with 620 UHD which is described in this thread at lenovo


Here is the problem :

-boot the computer

-let it idle for 5 minutes so that the cpu is idle

-sleep for at least 10 minutes [no hibernation]

-wake up

-cpu is at 8 watts, instead of 2 watts or less


the summary is in this picture with older drivers already




the ''fix'' is to let the 620 UHD in ''balanced'' mode when the AC power is ON, but I hate this because I want full power when I play games on my laptop


large (2).jpg


As I said on the last page of this thread at lenovo, I tried the intel driver on Microsoft Windows [version 10.0.17763.805] and it still fails to let the power package go back to 2 watts after only 10 minutes of sleep



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Major problems with Lenovo laptops are solved by Lenovo. They are responsible for your assistance, support, and warranty.


Use only the drivers Lenovo provides, and contact them.




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Your laptop's BIOS controls the settings for power package. You need to be talking to Lenovo regarding what your options are for modifying these settings. Don't get your hopes up, though; you typically cannot get around these limitations as they are tuned to the capabilities of the (IMHO: probably inadequate) cooling solution.




last night i tested

BIOS 1.25

windows 1809 up to date

L390 20NR up to date with lenovo software ''system update''

intel driver not tainted by lenovo.


after using the laptop all day for internet+gaming, with ''ac power'' for intel igpu 620 UHD as ''max performance'', then sleeping over 1 night

=>cpu is at 8 watts after 1 night of sleep


Then i change the ''ac power'' setting to ''balanced'' and the package power gores to 2 watts again. please intel correct this. I know that employees love to put the responsibility on other people at other companies, please try to avoid avoid this.

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"windows 1809 up to date"


No, you are a year behind.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


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Al and I do not work for Intel. If we thought Intel was responsible, we would be saying so. In this case, we don't.


Way too often, we see manufacturers telling customers to take their problems to Intel. This is wrong! You are paying the manufacturer for technical support and it is their responsibility to provide it. If they diagnose and believe that an issue is Intel's, they have specific paths for escalating these issues to Intel. The priority of these escalations is far, far higher than anything that might come in through the Forums or other ICS paths and fixes will come far faster this way. So why do these manufacturers punt like this? Because they do not want to spend any money on customer support. They want to pocket it as additional profits. Well, don't let them get away with it. It's your money. You paid them to provide this service. Make them do so - or pick a more-reputable manufacturer next time.


Bottom line, you need to talk to Lenovo regarding this issue.



Hello KLope


Thank you for posting in the Intel Community.


Intel supplies the technology to OEMs for integration and customization however Intel Support Staff doesn't have access to every single device available out there which makes reproducing issues like this one very difficult and thus Intel relies on the manufacturers for 1st level of issue debugging. As Scott mentioned, if Lenovo determines the issue is coming from the Intel side they will work directly with Intel to address it.



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I installed GENERIC driver intel video dated 25/10/2019 and there is no hot cpu after sleep. at last the bug is fixed by intel.


all other drivers are up to date in system update by lenovo for the l390 20nr