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Intel Graphics Control Panel Gaming


When I open the Graphics Control Panel Gaming section no games are listed. I own supported games and there is also no refresh button. can anyone help. Specs attached. Thanks in advance

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Hello Target2_0,

Thank you for submitting your question on this Intel® Community. 

With the latest DCH graphics drivers, you can download and use the new Intel® Graphics Command Center and the Intel® Graphics Control Panel which allow scanning for games. These tools are available to be downloaded from the Microsoft® Store.

 You can download the Intel® Graphics Command Center from the below link*:

To add a game with the Intel® Graphics Command Center, please follow these steps:

-Launch the application from Windows® Apps and Features.

-Go to the "Home" tab and under the "Games" section click on "Auto Detect". This will scan for all supported games and allow you to select which ones you want to add. You may also click on "Manually Select" for manual selection".


It is worth mentioning that The Intel Graphics Command Center tries its best to locate these games at its usual installation locations. But some games can’t be detected because they have a separate launcher (for example, Steam*, Epic*, and others). The Intel Graphics Command Center can still detect some games in the launcher but not all. We're adding discoverable games to our catalog regularly. There are also times when a game gets updated and some configuration in the game changes so it becomes undetectable with our existing parameters. This will require an update to the Intel Graphics Command Center which will again make this game detectable. However, you can always add games manually via the “+” button (Add Games).

With the Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel, you may scan and add games using the "Scan" button located in the bottom part of the Gaming Section.

We also recommend running the latest graphics driver available for your system and additionally, you may check recommended settings for games available at

Note: The driver or software for your Intel® component might have been changed or replaced by the computer manufacturer. We recommend you to work with your computer manufacturer to get the latest DCH drivers directly from them, so you don’t lose features or customizations.

For more information regarding DCH drivers, please refer to this link: Frequently Asked Questions about Windows* DCH Drivers for Intel® Graphics.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician 


Hello Target2_0,

Were you able to check the previous post?  

Please let me know if you need further assistance.  

Best regards,

Victor G. 

Intel Technical Support Technician  


Hello Target2_0, 

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If you need any additional information, please submit a new question as this thread will no longer being monitored  

Victor G.  

Intel Technical Support Technician