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Intel Graphics Update - download?

I've been getting this notification come up for several months for a driver update with this warning:

"installing this Intel generic graphics driver will overwrite any customized driver from your Computer Manufacturer (OEM)."

I've ignored it though have lately noticed my headphone jack stopped working and was checking on drivers (I don't think this would be related though?) and noticed this is still there and thought I should probably take it more serious.. 

I have an MSI GS65 Stealth 9SF, I normally update graphics through NVIDA GEForce app, should I download and install this Intel one or is it going to mess up my laptop? 

I'm not overly educated in this kind of thing and only just learning what 'drivers' are to try fix my audio issue (which I've had no luck with)


Any assistance would be great.

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Hi @Jake92 

1. Download the Realtek Audio Driver

2. Unzip the zip file.

3. Enter into 8750.1_UAD_WHQL_Nahimic_1320_2019_0712_135505 folder and click on setup.exe to install the Audion Driver.



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Thanks Leon - just unzipped & installed, no luck with the headphone jack working unfortunately. May convert to wireless headphones at this point.. 


With regards to the other point mentioned about eh graphics driver, would it be necessary / safe to proceed with installing, or should i take that warning serious and not continue with an installation?

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I would suggest to stay with the OEM drivers for your laptop. There is no need to install the Intel Generic Graphics Driver when you use NVIDIA Geforce Graphics Card. It is wort to mention that the Graphics Driver doesn't affect the Audion from the 3.5 mm socket.




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