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Intel (R) HD Graphics 620 issue


Hello, I have an Asus laptop UX410UAK with a Core i3, and an Intel (R) HD Graphics 620, but when I connect to an external 4k monitor (Asus VG289Q1A) I:
-cannot change the resolution in display settings in windows 10 (it's all greyed out)
-in the Intel Graphics Settings Control Panel I can only choose 2550 x 1440 and only 59Hz or 60Hz. 


The questions are: is my graphics card 4K compatible? I already downloaded the updated driver of the graphics card from the Asus Website, and also the driver of the monitor. 

How can I set it to 4k?


Could you please help me?


Thanks a lot, 


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In the spec summary, the HDMI port is not marked as big supported by an LSPcon IC, which means that the best it can support is HDMI 1.4a and 4K@30Hz. More realistically, you may be stuck with 2K@60Hz.

The spec summary didn't indicate if any of the USB-C connectors support DisplayPort Alternate Mode. If one does, then this can be used, with an appropriate adapter, to get a 4K@60Hz connection.

Hope this helps,


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