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Intel Smart Sound Technology microphone array record low when speaker silent




My microphone has software or firmware problem. Following is the recording test (3 tests in the same session):


- When I speak: my voice is low

- When I speak along with the built-in speaker plays something (music or any): my voice is clear and loud.

- I continue to speak after shut off the speaker: my voice volume be lowered over 1~2 minutes.


What I did try:

- Installed Intel newest graphic driver.

- Installed the driver from Lenovo ( ),

I've disconnected the network, uninstalled and restarted between installing each driver.

- Installed the audio driver from Lenovo (it is Realtek's)

No different at all.


- If I turn on "audio enhancement", it strips the speaker playback and background noise, but behaviour about my voice is the same.

- Tried many sound recorder applications, all the same.


My laptop:

- Lenovo Thinkbook 14 G4+ (Thinkbook 14+) 21CX

- i7 12700H, 32GB of Ram, 1TB of SSD

- Mobo: Lenovo -model LNVNB161216 -version SDK0T76479 WIN

- Bios: HYCN39WW

- built-in microphone array and speaker.

- Windows 11 22H2


Anyway to solve this problem? Remove all filter? Remove all "smart" options? I can use 3rd filter and tweak it for what I want.

Thank you all very much!

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