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Intel UHD 610 on an HP All in One Desktop with Duel Projectors


We have an HP All in One C0073w where everything is built into the monitor that is equipped with an Intel UHD 610 Graphics card. We are using 2 projectors for our church services. Previously we used a pc with a vga and dvi port to run a vga cable to the main monitor, then a dvi to vga adaptor to a powered vga splitter to both projectors. This setup was working fine. When we upgraded to the new Dell all in one computer we tried to do the same thing with an HDMI to VGA adaptor onto our power VGA spliter to both projectors. The front projector will work but we get nothing on the rear projector. The rear projector says not supported. I have tried multiple different resolutions and nothing changes. I have returned to our previous setup and it still works correctly. What do I need to do to get both our our projectors working with the All in One setup?

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The use of adapters and splitters is not supported.