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Intel UHD graphics 630 install fail


my got this laptop not long ago and today my Intel graphic UHD 630 suddenly cannot use my nivida GPU also can be used because of this. I manually uninstall it and find out that I'm unable to install it again. when I try to install it via video controller but it says fail to install. it still happen after I download and install the driver at this website. ​ please help me,thank you very much

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If you have dual graphics, you must use the drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer. If you still have problems, contact the laptop manufacturer for support of their laptop.




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In my case I couldn’t install the driver directly from Intel ether without forcing it. I resorted to downloading the driver from Dell and it installed without issue. Intel provides a generic driver and in some cases the manufacturers customize the drivers for devices.

I re-installed the OS 5 or 6 times using Microsoft media and the media from the Dell Recovery Tool and installed the latest drivers from Dell each time. I was troubleshooting an issue with drivers not loading, fast boot failing, and user-mode driver crashes.

Have you re-installed the operating system on the device or are you using it with the factory image right out of the box? I have seen issue like this occur when Windows Update downloads and install drivers or driver updates are pending a reboot.

It might be worth while to go into Device Manager and see what version of the driver is installed. In a few cases on other devices, I have had to uninstall the installed driver before installing a new driver.


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