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Iris Xe Graphics uncapable of delivering refresh rates of 60 and 120Hz (progressive) at Full HD

Hi everyone, i've been using an ED273A Acer monitor, capable of 144 Hz and Full HD, connected through 1.4 HDMI to my 6 year old laptop, which is a DELL 5559 with intel UHD 520 graphics, this setup was capable of delivering a Full HD resolution at a maximum of 120 Hz, so no problems there considering the port used.

Recently i bought a DELL 3501 with intel iris Xe Graphics (i7-1165G7) and tried to use the same monitor and the same cable, via 1.4 HDMI port, to achieve at least the sames results as in my older laptop, with no luck.

When surfing through the configurations i realize that every other (lower) resolution i apply is capable of 60p (progressive), but the issue appears when trying to use Full HD resolution ,in which the only refresh rate possible seems to be 60i (interlaced, which translates to 30 Hz, an outstanding piece of garbage for the eyes).

Take in mind that i've already checked the pnp generic monitor drivers in both my laptops, and they are the exact same one in both cases.

I also installed the latest iris Xe graphics driver and already tried to adjust the refresh rate though the intel graphics command center and through the common properties on the control panel, with no luck at all.

I already contacted both DELL and Intel support and will post any solution (let's pray) as soon as i can, regards and thanks in advance for your help.

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Hello Juanmar1992,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

We noticed that you have contacted Intel®️ Customer Support directly regarding the same issue here described and we found out that you have an internal support case open. In this case, we will proceed to close this thread to avoid duplication of effort and the support will continue through the internal case.




Victor G.

Intel Technical Support Technician