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Is the recently announced Intel DG1 going to be exclusive to 64-bit officially?


Since the recent announcement of Intel's DG1 at CES 2020, is it likely that the DG1 is going to be exclusive to x86-x64 Intel processors, since Nvidia & AMD exited the 32-bit graphics drivers marketplace, causing a decline of 32-bit gaming PCs and most occasional 32-bit hardware & users.

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I would presume that their primary focus will remain with 64-bit Windows 10.


I would add that you may have the cart before the horse. My perception is that Intel dropped support for the 32-bit O/S environments BECAUSE of the decline in the use of these environments. I would also say that this decline was driven BY, not in spite of, the Gaming industry.


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So your saying that Intel presumably was the first major GPU manufacturer to remove 32-bit support from their GPUs, way before Nvidia & AMD dropped 32-bit support from their​ GPUs in 2018?

Not sure what date or year Intel dropped support for 32-bit GPUs. If anyone can find the downloads page from Intel's website and find the latest release for 32-bit GPUs, I would appreciate it.


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Intel says that the integrated Xe graphics on Tiger Lake will deliver doubled graphics performance compared to its previous-generation chips, which means that the DG1 GPU will likely offer an even greater boost to Intel’s graphics performance. Tom’s Hardware speculates that the initial DG1 will simply be a discrete version of the integrated graphics coming with Tiger Lake, but it notes that even if that’s the case, Intel may be looking to take advantage of its synchronized CPU / GPU solution by enabling the integrated and discrete graphics to work in concert for twice the total graphics power, an intriguing possibility if true.

There is no such announcement that it will support only 64-bit.




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Oh come on. Nobody use 32-bit environments anymore. They limit your memory access way too much for today's bloated code.


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Seriously, I did not say that 32-bits was being dropped completely. What I said is that Intel's primary focus from a development standpoint is on the 64-bit Windows 10 environment. This was announced back when the 7th gen processors were being rolled out, so yes, well before the NVIDIA/AMD join-the-crowd announcements in 2018. Anyway, my thinking is that, with this focus, 32-bit environment support is going to eventually start to wither on the vine...