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OpenGL issue - QT compiled CAD works on older Intel HD, ALL nVidia and Radeon but not on UHD or Iris



I've got a very niche CAD program dedicated for CNC machines I have. 

It works very well on my old MacBook with Intel HD graphics. Also works great on all nVidia (Quadro and others). 

Since it's working so well on my old computer I reckoned that it should only be better with the new one. Couldn't be further from the truth. 

I've seen entries like that but usually they are fixed with driver updates. 

The issue at hand is like this:

the program loads fine

functions connected to rebuilding models, changing (front, back etc) all work.. 

but the problem is with the viewport (not the menus and toolbars, just the viewport) - I can move the mouse on it but when the mouse crosses any curve (either on the model or even the axis) or a plane - anything that normally gets highlighted, the program highlights it, freezes and crashes without any error message. 

when I was trying to use the Parallels for Mac the problem was that whenever I crossed line or surface the viewport (again, just the viewport) would turn black and when I left the surface or line it would go back to normal again . When I added a parameter "video.gl3=2" which aparently forces the use of OpenGl 3.2 the program was running more or less fine (but some of the menus were blurry) - but the issue with rendering stopped. - maybe that helps?

The program's author said that since it works on all dedicated cards and on older Intel, it's not their problem but there's something wrong with new Intel's drivers and is not willing to look at it. 

And I'm stuck with a new MacBook that is partially useless to me (and have to use my old and faithful 2012 machine).


Please, please, please help or exchange a computer with me (13 inch MacBook for a 15 inch that does have radeon onboard) 🙂


Update: I loaded latest Mesa3d into the bin folder of the program and it helped me run it without crashing. It's working quite well but I have the impression that it influences the speed a lot as my new 2020 computer runs pretty much the same as my 2012 one. So a fix with the drivers would be great


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Hello @Luke2

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

We understand that you are experiencing issues with OpenGL® on a MacBook* computer. We would like to confirm that Apple* has explicitly requested all support inquiries or issues be addressed directly to them. You should be able to contact Apple* Support staff here:

Having said that, we will proceed to close this inquiry now. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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I'm facing such similar issue.


My graphic with 3D CAD has been disturbed on Iris Xe. Although the CPU & GPU usage on the task manager does not increase so much but too many unexpected line appears during the rendering.

I used the same software on another PC with old intel HD Graphic integrated GPU but I've never seen such issue.. I know the software may be needed with better graphic GPU like Quadro but I feel it got worse than before with HD graphic 630 (bought in 2012).  Is there any method to decrease the issue? I feel it has some bug on Iris Xe software itself.


This is the image. Original shape is like a stylus.



<My PC info>

- Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 19044.1620

- intel Core i7-1165G7@2.80GHz

- Memory 16GB

- Intel Iris Xe Graphic (

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Not really - the issue is on MacBook but it's running regular version of Windows 10 x64. 

And the same issue I have replicated on Dell with Intel UHD Graphics card and on a number of other machines that are PC. 

please do not close the topic as it has been reported with a number of other OpenGL programs that have been running under older Intel GPUs and on all Nvidia and Radeon GPUs. 



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