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Problem with DisplayPort 1.2


I have a I7 9700k with UHD 630 as GPU, My monitor (Samsung C24RG50) has the option to use DP 1.1 or 1.2, depending on how you set it in the settings; my motherboard's specs (AsRock B365m Phantom Gaming 4) says that it supports DP 1.2, but when switching from 1.1 to 1.2 there is no output to the screen, and Windows plays the sound of something being unplugged it works fine with 1.1 but i'd like to use 1.2. This problem may be caused by a lot of things so if this isn't the right place to ask could you point me to it?

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It is certainly true that Processors with the UHD 630 Graphics engine natively output a DP 1.2 signal. The difference between a DP 1.1 and DP 1.2 connection is likely the refresh rate supported. If it works for DP 1.1 but fails for DP 1.2, it may be because you have an older and/or poor quality cable. Have you verified that you have a good quality cable? [My default rule: if the cable is a freebee that came with the monitor, it is likely crap]

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If a DP 1.1 connection works and a DP 1.2 connection doesn't, the

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