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Problems of compatibility Intel hd graphics family to windows 10


I would like to upgrade to windows 10, becaus I have windows 7 and I have a problem because my intel hd graphics family not is compatible. What can I do?

Driver File Version: 8.15.0010.2418 (English)


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If you have a laptop, the solution is to throw it away and purchase something newer. If this is a desktop, however, you can try adding a PCIe graphics card. Now, you have to be careful doing so because compatibility issues can occur. You likely cannot upgrade to the latest generation cards; you will need to look at cards from a generation or two back. Remember that, even though they may claim that their PCIe 3.0 cards are backwards compatible with PCIe 2.0, this is not always the case. Also, do not purchase a card without first testing it in your system; find a way to test it before you purchase. Some PC repair shops will test cards in your system for you for only a nominal fee.


Now, all that said, you need to understand that your problems may go well beyond just resolving the graphics issue. There are no Windows 10 drivers (developed or supported by Intel) for other hardware components as well. Now, Microsoft does provide compatibility drivers that will get you past some of these issues, but each succeeding release of Windows 10 has dropped support for more and more of this older hardware. Microsoft will not help you with any compatibility issues that arrive; they do not guarantee that the compatibility drivers will work in all cases.


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Even if you do manage to upgrade to Win10 the experience will probably be disappointing. I would stay with Win7 if I could. No support for Kaby lake on Win7 😞