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UHD 750 Problem Driver


Even after updating my system driver to I am still having display problems.

I have choosen the Core i7-11700K over the Core i9-10900 because Intel says 11700 has a improved GPU with many advantages over 10th Gen but so far it is the worst system I have ever get.


Note: This system is kept always on. Displays are also kept on but in sleep mode when not in use.

The motherboard has two display output ports, one HDMI and one DP. When the system is booting BIOS is displayed in both displays and with low resolution. When a single display is connected BIOS is displayed in high resolution.


  1. With Windows Media Player and other apps opened (like Edge, Outlook, Skype, etc) after some time when the mouse cursor moves over Windows Media player its controls are incorrectly redrawn.
  2. After some time using the computer the folders in MS Outlook go missing. When moving the mouse cursor over where they are supposed to be they appear again like a redraw is forced.
  3. In Microsoft Edge (chromium version) sometimes when an embedded video is playing the resolution of pictures and text in the page changes and become blur. Closing the video solves the problem.
  4. Happened once in primary display. When maximizing, restoring the size of the window, or even creating a new document in MS Visio the primary display showed a blank screen and after about half a second the normal windows screen appeared again. After turning the system off and on again the problem was solved.



The problem with MS Visio just happened again. I tried to make a video with Windows Recording Tool but as expected the video shows no problem. However, I successfully made a video with my phone.

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