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UHD Graphics 630 support for dual QHD 2560 × 1440 monitors, dual display port (DP)




I would like to verify that Intel UHD Graphics 630 can drive two 2560 × 1440 monitors.

I'm thinking of buying a Dell Optiplex 7070 Tower with Intel® Core™ i7-9700.


The specs say that it has Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 610/630 video card and 2 DisplayPorts 1.2 . (


The intel spec here: says that the graphics controller can support three independent and simultaneous display combinations, and the table says that for DP the maximum resolution is 4096x2304 @ 60 Hz.


My understanding is that since the OptiPlex has 2 DisplayPorts connectors, then the Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 610/630 will support two independent displays and each can have a maximum resolution of 4096x2304 @ 60 Hz.


I plan to get two 2560 × 1440 27" monitors, so if the above is correct - these will surely be supported.


I want to be 100% sure that this is correct because I am going to buy about 10 machines and 20 monitors and if this does not work I will be in trouble. 🙂


Did anyone set up a similar system?

Also, would this configuration be supported also on Linux? Any experience?


Thank you!

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Hello NAhar,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. 


As you mentioned, based on the processor's graphics it supports one display via DP at 4096x2304@60Hz. If two screens are connected via Display Port it is quite likely that the resolution and refresh might be affected and would be divided among both screens. We recommend you confirm with the computer manufacturer if both ports support DP based on design and customization.


Additionally, we encourage you to verify if Linux is a recommend or validated Operating System (OS) for your computer with Dell. Please take into consideration that drivers are required to keep your system running properly. If this OS has not been validated you would need to get drivers using other resources like Linux communities. 


Please reply if any additional assistance is required.  


Best Regards,


Daisy J. 

Intel Customer Support Technician

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